Sunday, May 18, 2014

New Look and Photo Competition

The Collage venue is undergoing a revamp and I am so excited for you to see what those clever designers and landscapers have created for your shopping pleasure.  You will LOVE it.

There have been some other changes too, but you will still find the same amazing quality furniture and decor and the event still runs from the 23rd of each month.

And, lastly, if you are a SL blogger you can apply to be a part of The Collage Blogger Photo Contest:

NOTE:  Bloggers already in The Collage Bloggers group do NOT need to re-apply for this.

Bloggers are welcome to apply to take part in The Collage's Blogger's Photo contest using the application form on The Collage blog (This is our normal blogger application form so the Expectations listed do not apply to this contest.  Just agree!).   We love to see the creativity bloggers have in putting together rooms from the high quality builds designers make for residents.  We feel bloggers will be able to best showcase the builds we create and provide us with an awesome photo for our new magazine advert.

Our three judges will judge the best blogger photo.  The winning photo selected by the judges will be the photo for the new magazine ad for The Collage to go in some of SL's most popular magazines and will be placed on The Collage blog. The winning blogger will also win 3000L.

All of the entry photos will go on The Collage flickr page.  Bloggers are welcome to put their photos on their own blogs and flickr page as well, as long as they include The Collage logo and list where the items are from.

Shoppers and designers will be able to "fav" their favourite blogger photo and the most popular vote by shoppers and designers will go on The Collage blog.


Bloggers must have blogged home and garden items before and their blog must be at least 6 months old.  

The Collage designers will place 3 items from their stores into a blogger box.  The box will be set to sell ONLY to bloggers in The Collage Blogger group.  

Bloggers must join The Collage Blogger group for the duration of the contest in order to obtain the blogger boxes and be kept informed of the progression and outcome of the contest.

Bloggers may collect these boxes between 23 May - 27 May 

Bloggers have from 23 May to 30th May to do their set up and photos and put these on The Collage flickr page.

Bloggers are to put together a room or space using at least ONE items from EACH designer and put this on The Collage Flickr page.    Landscaping items and a house or structure from other designers may be used, but bloggers are ONLY to use decor / furniture items provided by The Collage designers in the bloggers box.


We are very honoured to have three very well known and stylish judges for our Bloggers Photo Contest:

Editorial Clarity - Co-founder and CEO / Editor of Love To Decorate 
Reign Congrejo - Owner of Best of SL and MVW Organisation, Founder of Colour of Couture Top Modelling Competition 
Chic Aeon -  Chic at Phil's Place, one of SL's foremost blogs, ChiC Buildings and Machinima Open Studio Project


Cozy Homes / Cozy Essentials
Spargel & Shine
Thaino Designs
Dreamascape Art Gallery
22769 [bauwerk]
La Galleria
Follow US!
Dew Me Designs
Serendipity Designs
shutter field
~ inspired ~
Maven Homes

We will also be looking for some more bloggers for our team, so if you are interested at the end of the Photo Contest please contact Arya Braveheart.

Application to enter The Collage Photo Contest

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